Christopher Ariagno

Portfolio was a site built on a LAMP stack to price check weapon skins in the popular shooter game Team Fortress 2.


Built using Node and Express, trackerino is a site to track your packages from the four big US couriers.

Node, Express, UI/UX, APIs


LiftTracker was a library for FRC teams to use in order to track vision targets on the game field. Most commonly used library during the season

Java, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi, Tegra K1

Caniac Robot

FRC code base that features an adaptive pure pursuit controller, motion profiling, multiple PID controllers, and custom built SmartDashboard.

Java, Reflections, Automatic Systems, Python

Hawk Track

Built for the HackKU hackathon, Hawk Track uses Python to track how many people are around a given area in order to see if the given area is busy.

Python, HTML, CSS, Firebase, Raspberry Pi

Car Chrome Extension

Built for a car dealership, this Chrome Extension aids car purchasers on eBay, Craigslist, AutoTrader, and to find the best deal.

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Site manipulation

Jeopardy Search Engine

Built for the Capital One Summit, this site is a search engine for all Jeopardy questions with a live simulator

Angular, Ruby on Rails, PostgresSQL

In preperation for my internship @ Google, I built this site to practice GoLang and Kubernetes. This site is a URL shortner that supports multiple links with a high efficiency GoLang backend

Angular, GoLang, GCP, Kubernetes

Spotify Quarantine

Built using Angular, Spotify Quarantine is a site to let listeners generate a report for their top tracks during COVID Quarantine

Angular, Spotify API, GitHub Pages